Best face forward~Vacant Homes

You want potential buyers to see this as your home.....    Not this.....     If you are moving from your home before it is sold and it'll be vacant, it is ideal to leave at least some furniture in your principal rooms so it feels more like a home and not just a house.   Another suggestion would be to take photo's of the interior before your furniture is moved out.  The photo's can be placed on the … [Read more...]

Gardening~Fall Cleanup

You and your fall garden benefit when you give your plants the same TLC in the fall as you do in the spring and summer.  Wildlife will find food and shelter, weeds will be easier to control, and plant diseases as well as pests will no longer drive you crazy.~Remove all rotten fruit from the ground around trees-infestations last through winter.~ Mulch to maintain soil quality, using weeds(but not … [Read more...]