Best face forward~Vacant Homes

You want potential buyers to see this as your home…..


Not this…..


     If you are moving from your home before it is sold and it’ll be vacant, it is ideal to leave at least some furniture in your principal rooms so it feels more like a home and not just a house.   Another suggestion would be to take photo’s of the interior before your furniture is moved out.  The photo’s can be placed on the counter once the home is empty for any potential buyer to see how it looks with furniture.

     In winter or early spring/late fall make sure the heat gets turned up about an hour before the showing, perhaps a neighbour or friend in the area can do that for you.  A warmer home is more inviting and cozy than one where the heat is off or very low.  Another note if it is winter arrange for someone to shovel your walk ways/decks and driveways/garages/sheds for easy access, also important for insurance purposes.  Place an area rug or large attractive mat by the door your potential buyers will enter your home through.  This allows for snow/slush to stay on the mat and not become tracked throughout your home and cause buyers to get wet feet.  A roll of paper towel left under the kitchen counter will allow the agent/buyer to wipe up any water that does get on your floor.

    The cozier a home appears to a buyer the longer they may stay in the home potentially mentally moving themselves in.  The less inviting it is the quicker they want out and on to the next one.