Writing A Property Description

As Real Estate Agents, it is sometimes challenging finding the right words to describe the benefits of certain properties.  The challenge is showcasing the features of a property without deceiving people.  Taking photos and jotting down features while walking around the home helps, even looking at other property descriptions will help to get the creative juices flowing.  Asking the sellers what … [Read more...]

Renting? How to Save for a Home

As a renter, with each rent cheque, you may become increasingly anxious for homeownership and the day when these regular payments go towards your own mortgage instead of your landlord’s pocket. When you’re ready, homeownership can make a lot of sense, allowing you to start building equity each month.   So, where do you start? If you’re serious about home ownership, make a plan and commit to a … [Read more...]

How Interest Rates Affect Your Costs

It's not rocket-science. The more you have to pay in interest, the more your mortgage will cost you over it's life. But most people don't realize just how much difference even a small difference in interest rate can make, particularly if you've amortized your mortgage for 20 years or more. Let's look at the interest you'll pay on a $200,000 mortgage amortized for 20, 25, 30 and 40 years, at a … [Read more...]


You found the home of your dreams, your offer was accepted, and you just received the keys to your new home. Congratulations, you are now officially a homeowner! So… what happens next? To help you start your new life as a homeowner on the right foot, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers the following tips on how to protect your home — and your investment — in every season: The … [Read more...]

Schools A Big Factor In Home Purchase

There are many factors buyers consider when shopping for a home. From the number of bedrooms to the size of the backyard, prospective buyers have their priorities with what they're looking for in a home. Parents to young children or couples who are planning to start a family soon should also consider the school system. Although granite countertops and interior living area may be foremost on the … [Read more...]