Writing A Property Description

As Real Estate Agents, it is sometimes challenging finding the right words to describe the benefits of certain properties.  The challenge is showcasing the features of a property without deceiving people.  Taking photos and jotting down features while walking around the home helps, even looking at other property descriptions will help to get the creative juices flowing.  Asking the sellers what initially attracted them to the home may help you highlight some features you may not be aware of such as neighbourhood, schools (bus stops, etc), etc. When describing the home keep like things together instead of just listing whatever you think of first. For example, list features in the house together and then list the exterior items.  Think like a buyer, be honest, stick to the features and make it easy for buyers to read so they don’t skip over something they may really like because they have so much fluff to skim through.  First impressions are key……

 After looking at some of these unusual homes, how would you describe them?

 1.“The Toilet House” located in Suweon, South Korea


–         Plenty of windows to provide lots of natural light?

–         Extra large deck, perfect for entertaining and provides great views of the landscape?

–         Spacious home with unique layout?

 2. Bird Island: Zero Energy Home in Kuala Lumpur

–         Waterfront property?

–         Peaceful, quiet setting?

 3. Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

 –         Solid Built Home in natural setting?

–         Maintenance free home?